Local Products in Bangkok

Traditional Thai Clothing

Thailand national clothing is very popular in Thailand and is widely worn. Thailand national clothing is divided into men's clothes and women's clothes. Men's clothes is stand-collar and trousers or kilt. Men's jacket is called suea phra ratchathen, long sleeved for formal occasions, short sleeved for ordinary clothes. Women's clothes is jacket and kilt, kilt is called "fuxin (pha sin)", which is a skirt made by a piece of silk tightly wrapped around the waist. Tightness can be adjusted with a rope and then hidden in the back part. When it comes to formal occasion, a strap needs to be worn slanted on the upper body. In formal occasions, people may choose to wear a so-called formal Thai national costume. The following is three traditional Thai dress.

Thai Chakkri Dress
Thai Chakkri is a formal and elegant out fits. Normally, the procession of weaving cloth, we are called "Yok" is a special technique. Costume is finished with Bha Sin (sarong), a full length-round skirt with two pleats folds in the front called "Na Nang"
Thai Chakkrabhat Dress
Thai Chakkrabhat is Thai dress with a shawl like Thai Chakkri. However, it is more conservative and considered more official. The upper part has a pleated shawl cover, a thicker shawl with full embroidery on the upper shawl. It can be worn for royal or national ceremonies
Thai Siwalai Dress
Thai Siwalai is a formal evening costume and quite similar to Thai Borom Bhiman attire. The difference of which Thai Siwalai dress is an over-shoulder shawl. This traditional Thai costume is worn for royal ceremonies or formal functions.


Thai Silk
Thai silk is produced from the cocoons of Thai silkworms. Thailand's silkworm farmers cultivate both types of the domesticated silkworms that produce commercial silk: Samia ricini, commonly known as the eri silkworm, which produces matte Eri silk, and the Bombyx mori, producer of the better known, glossy mulberry silk.
Thai Spa Products
Thailand is a great source for such spa products and bringing home some for yourself as well as family and friends is a wonderful idea. Thailand has some of the best smelling soap and spa products around. From coconut lotions so smooth you will never want to stop applying, to fruit-shaped bar soap, you will want to stock up on these easy-to-pack souvenirs.
Wooden Carvings
Bangkok has some of the most beautiful, wood-carved handicrafts you will ever see. Lights, bowls, figurines: if you can imagine it, it can be carved out of wood.

Home Decor
Impress even the least impressible house guest with Bangkok’s many of home decor items. You do not need an eye for design to find Bangkok’s most beautiful household items. Simply explore the city, and you cannot go wrong with any of the decorations you will find.

The dazzling black and gold pattern made the lacquer glamorous and illuminated. These articles are made of wood, bamboo, metal, paper and ceramics, which can be used for containers, ornaments and various souvenirs.

Wooden Carvings
Woodcarving is a traditional Thai art characterized by temples. In recent years, woodcarving has been increasingly used for decorating furniture, elegant screens, chairs, tables, beds, and anything with wooden surfaces which is large enough for carving. Woodcarving elephants, statues and tableware are all popular purchases.