Invited Speaker---Dr. Suely Oliveira, Professor

Department of Computer Science, The University of Iowa, USA

Biography: Suely Oliveira is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, with a joint appointment in Mathematics, member of the Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences and Informatics Programs. She received her PhD from the University of Colorado in 1993, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Australian National University (1993-1994), Assistant Professor in Computer Science at Texas A&M University (1994-1998). She was a visiting Researcher at Universidade de Sao Paulo (2009-2010).

Her research is on the development of new algorithms and software for new methods in Computer Science and Engineering. Earlier she developed multilevel clustering algorithms for protein-protein networks, and new optimization methods for matrix based on clustering. From clustering she moved to other machine learning topics such as classification and neural networks. Particularly, she addresses problems with large amounts of data where new optimization algorithms or parallel computing is essential. She teaches courses in the area of parallel computing, algorithms and discrete mathematics for CS students.

Dr. Oliveira has published over 50 articles, chaired over 10 PhD Committees and is co-author of the books "Writing Scientific Software", Cambridge University Press and "Building Proofs: A Practical Guide", World Scientific.

Research Interests: Machine Learning (classification and neural networks), Parallel Algorithms, Big Data Applications, Bioinformatics, Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis