Invited Speaker---Dr. Dewayany Sutrisno, Professor

Geospatial Information Agency, Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing, Indonesia

Biography: Prof. Dr. Dewayany Sutrisno, M.AppSc, is a research professor in spatial information system. Achieved bachelor degree in agriculture from Bogor Agriculture University (IPB university) in 1984, Master of Applied Science in Remote sensing from University of New South Wales in 1992 and PhD in Marine management from IPB in 2004. Until now, she is The President of Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing (Mapin/ISRS), Indonesian representative in Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS); works in Geospatial Information Agency (BIG), adjunct lecturer in Post Graduate School of IPB and lecture in the National Training Center for Geography Olympic. The research that has been carried out so far has to do with the geomatics field. Nationally, the recent research, on-going or has been carried out, are related to climate change, disaster and the development of analytical tools for disaster and marine spatial planning. Almost the disaster and climate research are mainly focus on coastal area.

Speech Title: Fuzzy Decision Support System for Marine Spatial Planning

Abstract: As an archipelagic state, marine spatial planning is urgently needed for Indonesia. The national government has established the regulation for coastal and small island zoning for sustainable use of coastal waters. Therefore, this article is a review of the perspective methods to the design of fuzzy decision support systems (DSS) for marine spatial planning. The method of fuzzy rule base (RB) in correction with the spatial database management system (SDBMS), the structure of the input spatial data is also being implemented and analysed. In addition, the fuzzy DSS with the structure of the national data portal has also been assessed. The results indicate the effectiveness of the fuzzy DSS especially for marine spatial planning.