ACCESS to Matsue City
Matsue is located in southwest Japan, in the north of Shimane Prefecture. Shimane is part of the Chugoku Region, along with four other prefectures (Tottori, Okayama, Hiroshima, and Yamaguchi).

The Chugoku Region is commonly subdivided into the San-yo Region (south side) along the Seto Inland Sea coast, and the San-in Region (north side) , of which Matsue is the largest city.

For more detail transportation information, please visit MATSUE CITY OFFICIAL TRAVEL GUIDE.


Six round trip flights a week (except Monday) from Incheon Airport to Yonago Airport, easy to access to Matsue. (*Currently, the Yonago-Seoul flight is not operating.)

Izumo AirportFlight time(min)FlightsAirline
Haneda(Tokyo)805 round trip flights/dayJAL
Itami(Osaka)604 round trip flights/dayJAL
Sendai901 round trip flights/dayFDA
Shizuoka801 round trip flights/dayFDA
Komaki(Nagoya)602 round trip flights/dayFDA
Fukuoka 752 round trip flights/dayJAL

Yonago AirportFlight time(min)FlightsAirline
Haneda(Tokyo) 756 round trip flights/dayNAN
Seoul 906 round trip flights/dayAAR
Hong Kong1853 round trip flights/dayCRK

*The Yonago-Hong Kong, Shanghai flight is currently suspended.

Access From International Airports to Matsue

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Access From JR Matsue Station to the conference venue: Kunibiki Messe